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Notes from GMSD Anti-Bullying Meeting

Thanks so much to the school system for holding this meeting. In this
day and age it is so very important that we are doing all we can to keep
our kids safe. Overall, I felt like the school system showed both a
reactive and proactive program against bullying. Of course modifications
can be made, and the faculty was very open to suggestions from the

Here is what I gathered from the meeting:

There is an app to report anonymously any bullying activity. The app is
called “anonymous alerts” the user name and password are germantownmsd

There is also a link to report bully behavior

School owned devices are monitored for suspicious activity thru a program called Gaggle.

Faculty goes thru training each year about bullying.
NEXUS is the sphere of influence that the school has which means activity related to school is subject to school policy.
6th graders are WALKED by teachers to class
Grades don’t intermingle for the most part

Improvements to be made:

A suggestion to create a short cut to report bully behavior on school
owned Ipads was suggested by one parent and was received well.
Empathy training
Cyber bully training needs to be increased as this is what is different from when parents where students themselves.

“Covenant Eyes” is an app for your personal ipad/computers that will
give updates every nite to what your child is viewing if you install it

“Pass the mic program”-student led support group that HMS will be starting next year.

Thanks to all that came to this important meeting and as always....

Jeff BROWN for GermanTOWN

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