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First and foremost we are extremely blessed to live in a community that is so fantastic that so many people wish to join us. Let us plan carefully so that our most precious asset and legacy, our children, enjoy the same great community that we enjoy today.


I will exercise my duties as Alderman with the highest level of discernment and due diligence. I will not just rubber stamp the decisions for which I will be responsible and accountable. I will raise tough questions and challenge important issues to increase the standard of governance to the highest level possible.


We should be prudent in our decision making regarding growth and development. And the development must not just be called "smart". It must actually be smart. Germantown citizens must realize that we are landlocked, and there is no where to expand. The only place to grow is up. And so we must ask ourselves: do we NEED to grow? I believe we need to have a SUSTAINABLE business model with a tax base that is balanced by careful spending and low taxes. We have seen the unfortunate results of uncontrolled growth and overcrowding in other parts of the metropolitan area. Germantown is at a critical and pivotal time in our development. I believe a discerning eye is needed regarding future growth and urbanization of the city. I would like to see us bring more commerce in the way of restaurants and continue our efforts to make Germantown a medical destination.


A quality education system is of utmost importance. I believe our children are our most precious asset. I will absolutely fight to ensure that our children's education is not diluted by overpopulation. I will speak with any school principal, any PTA/PTO leader and any teacher who wishes to express what THEY need to help our children. I am concerned by the fact that my child at Farmington Elementary is in a portable classroom while we are building developments that increase the population density of Germantown.


I will fight for Germantown in a fair and transparent manner and see that the wishes of the CITIZENS are met, not 3rd party interests.


We are blessed to live in a safe community. I will support our fantastic police force and will oppose efforts to drastically increase the population density of Germantown which WILL increase crime and stress the police force.


I moved to Germantown to be in the suburbs. I would like to preserve our way of life. The increasing density of the city is simply too much, too soon. We must find the right balance between growth and sustainabilty while recognizing the needs of our families and aging population. 

Keep it Great and Make It Better!

Let's keep what makes Germantown great while making things even better! I believe our focus in development should be on things that deliver EXPERIENCES: great restaurants, entertainment venues and furthering our parks and recreation experiences. We should absolutely further the city/county efforts to extend and expand the green line and make other streets bike and pedestrian friendly. Join me in my mission and say it loud: Jeff BROWN for GERMANTOWN!

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